LACD Creed

The LACD upholds all forms and aspects of freedom supported by egalitarianism amongst people of the same country and therefore, endorsing liberalism, freedom of speech, and respect of human rights.

Subsequently, The LACD enforces:

1- Its belief that every human being is important, irrespective of his/her religion or political affiliation. All people are equal; they live equal and die equal, and are entitled to the same rights for living in freedom, dignity, and honor.

2- Its certainty that Lebanon is an INDEPENDENT country founded on social and equalitarian principles amongst its citizens.

3- Its conviction of the urgency to respect and abide by the Lebanese and American laws and doctrinal principles, in execution, vindication, and amendment allowing the two cultures to consolidate and strive to achieve peace in both regions.

4- Its understanding of the necessity to seek the implementation of the equality of opportunities for all citizens, based on qualifications and credentials and exhaustively eliminate all kinds of discrimination.

5- Its persuasion that patriotism is an education and a lifestyle on the road to achieve justice for all.

6- Its aspiration to create new civil laws separating religious functions from politics, in order to create a liberal and impartial government.

7- Its notion to persevere in supporting young individuals and bolster their role to improve society and to regenerate a beneficial political life in both countries.

8- Its credence to advocate the free economical practice and the individual initiative, within the conformities of dignity, ethics, laws, and social justice.

9- Its knowledge that only PEACE is the successful route to growth in and Lebanon and America, and an influential bridge of union between the countries.

Furthermore, The LACD reinforces:

1- Its determination to work with the American government and officials to incorporate and exercise democratic political and social laws in Lebanon striving for a better and affluent future in the region.

2- Its dedication to cultivate, exercise and maintain democracy and peace in Lebanon and pledge to sustain them amongst individuals and societies

3- Its allegiance to combine diligent efforts with the American government to fight terrorism in all its aspects and to strive for world peace and the respect of official laws in both countries.